Photo: Haydee Castillo.  

This morning I walked into the NGO briefing at the exact moment that they were calling for a volunteer translator for a Nicaraguan woman, Haydee Castillo, a human rights defender. So I walked directly to the podium. (There is a squadron of translators for all official meetings, none at all for NGOs.)

Haydee said briefly that the country had been liberated from the Somoza dictatorship and expected to live with Sandinist principles but unfortunately the present government had instituted a new dictatorship and taken away the people’s rights. There were now 60 women prisoners in jail (that includes one of the two jailed journalists we have supported) and everyone’s life was constantly in danger. She was looking for international support especially about freeing the political prisoners. So now I am going about with a ¡que las liberen ya! button on my lapel.

I am very pleased that I could help for a country on which we are so concerned and informed. I also think it does no harm when PEN is tagged as likely to offer help.

Haydee told me about an event tomorrow evening, rather far away, which is a campaign launch for feminist solidarity with Nicaragua. I have a suspicion that this would be a good use of my time.

This event was recorded and is on the UN channel. I will find a link.


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