REJOICE WITH US: Our writer colleague MARIA RESSA the Philippine journalist has won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2021. Maria and DMITRY MURATOV of Russia received this award because of their work for freedom of expression. Chicago Network JP offered Maria support when she first fled the Philippines to avoid arrest by Duterte. Our Network has remained in contact with Maria’s supporters in RAPPLER the organization she co-founded to promote authentic journalism in Philippines. This prize is a great way to bring sharp focus on the plight of journalists globally.

I had the great honor of spending some time in the Philippines in 1998. I had the good fortune of visiting many of the colleges and universities from Luzon to Zamboanga in southern tip of Mindinao to work with their writing students and to study their peace programs, meeting so many wonderful writers and teachers and students. Maria embodies the best principles and practices of journalism and the tremendous courage and vitality of the peoples of the Philippines.