Unoma Azuah teaches writing at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, Valdosta, GA. Her research and activism focus on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) rights in Nigeria, and her recent book project is Blessed Body: Secret Lives of the Nigerian LGBT. Some of her writing awards include the Aidoo-Synder book award, Spectrum book award and the Hellman/Hammet award.

Her memoir ‘Embracing My Shadows’ has been accepted for publication by BEATENTRACK in March 2020. [You can pre-order the memoir by following the links at the end of this notice.], traces Unoma Azuah’s challenging growth as a lesbian in Nigeria and how she navigated the paths of abuse, ethnic discrimination and homophobia in a hyper religious and patriarchal Nigerian society.

The conflicts that dominated her development as a girl with a non-standard sexual orientation were further aggravated by being born of parents from two warring ethnic groups during the Nigerian-Biafra war. Her parents’ romance was discreet. However, their situation got complicated when her father kidnapped her mother and her family as the Nigerian-Biafra war raged on. Despite striving and succeeding as a college student, Unoma Azuah’s sexuality remained the shadow that continued to haunt her especially as she is forced to undergo a series of Christian deliverances to exorcise her of the homosexuality demon. These issues defined her formative years. Her memoir as the first Nigerian lesbian memoir fills a much needed gap. It is a story told from the voice of a lived experience and it affirms the lives of LGBT Nigerians who have been constantly told that their sexual orientation is un-African.

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Embracing My Shadows


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Her latest short story, “Staying Afloat” is featured in Queer Africa 2: New Stories. MaThoko Books, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2018.

Audio version: